Our modular RotaSep offers exceptional performance in a small package. Just how small, you ask? Tell us the estimated flow and pressure variables, and we’ll provide the suggested model and basic specifications.
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  • By designing and manufacturing compact separators, SDS is leaving a smaller footprint, contributing to carbon neutrality targets.
  • Our compact RotaSep enables retrofits in space-limited installations, reducing your footprint and CAPEX investment.
  • Applying SDS Solutions can decrease your carbon footprint, by taking out harmful emissions (CO2, SO2 etc.) and improving circularity.


  • SDS Separation’s unprecedented separation technology allows you to create up to tenfold smaller plug-and-play separator solutions with increased performance at lower investment levels and operating costs.
  • Our modular, scalable product approach enables you to customize both dimensions and performance in a highly robust and sustainable solution, ensuring safe and reliable operation with minimal maintenance.


RotaSep® offers unprecedented gas-liquid separation performance in an exceptionally small package. With up to 10 times the gas capacity and double the liquid capacity of conventional separation vessels, RotaSep®’s robust and modular design is ready to meet any separation requirements.

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10x smaller
Particle size
5x smaller
30% - 50% lower


Natural Gas

Process Gas

Energy Transition

Energy Transition
CO2 Capture / Liquefaction


Whitepaper: RotaScrub ® Upgrade of the Medium-Pressure Inerts Washing System of a Snamprogetti Urea Plant

Benefits include 90% reduction of ammonia emissions, increasing safety standards, reduction of NOx emissions & ammonia consumption figures of your urea plant.

SDS Separation at the GPAE Annual Conference 2023

We are delighted to announce our participation in the esteemed GPA Europe Annual Conference.

SDS Separation at the GPAE Annual Conference 2023

When: 9th to 11th October
Location: BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Speaker: Piet Geerts
Presentation Time: October 10th 2023, 1:00 pm, Hall 1
We are delighted to announce our participation in the esteemed GPA Europe Annual Conference.

Piet Geerts will be at the forefront of our representation, presenting our white paper titled, "RotaSep for Combined Liquid and Solid Separation from Gases without Replaceables or Shutdowns." This discussion promises to unveil our advancements and deep insights into gas separation technology.

Presentation Summary:
RotaSep is grounded in next-generation gas-liquid and gas-solid separation technology. It employs a rotating internal mechanism coupled with centrifugal forces to separate 1 micrometer fine particles from gases, ensuring the protection of sensitive equipment such as compressors. The standout performance of RotaSep, especially in bulk gas flows, results in notably compact separation packages. These packages demonstrate enhanced performance and offer distinct advantages, particularly at higher operating pressures.

After achieving a 99.5% certified separation of 1μm particles in a demo unit earlier this year, RotaSep marked a significant improvement in its capacity to extract liquids and fine solids from a natural gas stream on a North Sea offshore platform. Conventional methods using filter cartridges and multi-stage cyclone internals could not achieve this level of performance without recurring shutdowns and extensive maintenance. RotaSep addressed these challenges and was the only technology compact enough for the available space. These results highlight RotaSep's potential in platform technology, suggesting its capability to serve a wide range of processes in both current and renewable gas processing infrastructures.

For those keen on the latest developments in gas separation and eager to connect with industry leaders, we warmly invite you to attend this significant event.

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Stay connected with us for further updates. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the conference.

RotaScrub ® Upgrade of the Medium-Pressure Inerts Washing System of a Snamprogetti Urea Plant

The SDS Separation RotaScrub ® is a highly efficient solution for gas washing or scrubbing. Based on the proprietary separation technology of the RotaSep®, RotaScrub ® adds a specific surface area up to 10 times higher than the next best solution and uses up to 30% less scrubbing liquid. This results in RotaScrub ® being up to 10 times smaller than the conventional packed scrubber beds, making it the most compact, robust, and efficient scrubbing solutions on the market.

The benefits of the RotaScrub ® Upgrade of the Medium-Pressure Inerts Washing System of a SnamprogettiTM Urea Plant are:
  • Increase safety standards (intrinsically safe design against explosions)
  • Reduce ammonia emissions from 2-4 vol% to 0.2-0.4vol% (90% efficiency) based on one co-current RotaScrub ® or to 0.02 to 0.04% based on two RotaScrub ® unit in series.
  • Reduce NOx emissions in case inerts stream is used as fuel
  • Reduce ammonia consumption figures of your urea plant
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