Natural Gas

Upstream / Gas Field – Condensate Separator

RotaSep® offers superior second-stage separation for upstream natural gas applications, extracting up to 5 times smaller particles in a much smaller, robust, and virtually maintenance-free unit, resulting in higher operational efficiency.

  • After natural gas is extracted from underground oil wells, it needs to undergo several separation stages to remove containments naturally occurring in the oil reservoirs.
  • Stage 1: large particles: The first stage consists of separating the large particles, such as mud and carbohydrates, from the gas stream. A generic separator is mostly used for this purpose.
  • Stage 2: fine containments: Next, a second separator focuses on removing the finer remaining liquid containments. These droplets are generally a combination of very fine carbohydrates, oils, and water.
  • Optimal separation performance is critical at this stage, as the natural gas will proceed to be transported through pipelines for processing. Any remaining containments can cause damage to high pressure pipelines, resulting in high maintenance cost and downtime.
  • With exceptional throughput and separation efficiency, RotaSep® is very well suited as second upstream separator. Thanks to its significantly smaller dimensions, it fits any new or existing plant.

Downstream / Distribution – Pipeline Separator

RotaSep® adds significant value as a downstream pipeline separator, with its exceptional separation performance in a unit that is 3 to 10 times smaller than comparable installations, but without consumables or maintenance downtime.

  • When high pressure gas transportation pipelines (operated at 40 to 100 bar) reach local distribution networks (operated at 8 to 20 bar), the gas pressure needs to be reduced to meet local gas network standards through expansion.
  • This expansion process leads to cooling and condensation, after which liquids need to be separated from the gas stream.
  • If not done properly, liquids accumulating in the distribution pipelines can cause damage to the pipelines, resulting in high maintenance cost, downtime, and potentially reduced quality of the natural gas at delivered to end-users.
  • RotaSep® removes all contaminants (condensed water, oils etc.) from the gas distribution network.
  • The RotaSep® unit is much smaller in size than traditional demisting vessels, its separation efficiency is up to 5 times higher and without annual filter replacement, the maintenance downtime and cost is next to nothing with years of uninterrupted operation.



Process Gas

Methanol and Ammonia Production – process gas purification (Natural and Syngas)

RotaSep® is a reliable and robust choice for liquid-gas separation applications for process gas purification, separating even the smallest particles to increase yield and stability, and prevent reactor fouling without annual filter replacements.

  • Separation of liquids from the gas input stream in methanol and ammonia production installations is paramount. Containments could result in lower yields, more side reactions, lower catalyst lifespan and reduced stability of the entire plant.
  • RotaSep® offers an unprecedented separation efficiency at similar or higher throughput, but with a much smaller footprint than traditional solutions – making it a great fit with both new and existing installations. In terms of maintenance, RotaSep®’s industrial build quality and internals without any consumables or replaceable filters makes it possible to operate for years without any downtime or costs.

Fertilizer Production – Sensitive Equipment Protection

RotaSep® offers the best possible protection for sensitive equipment, such as CO2 compressors in process gas applications, separating particles up to 5 times smaller than alternative solutions in a much smaller, lighter, and maintenance-free unit.

  • Typically, the CO2 compressor in a urea plant forms the bottleneck for higher plant loads - any improvement easily leads to increased profits for the operator.
  • Generally, the suction and interstage separators applied in CO2 compressors are not very effective in separating moisture, oil, methanol and washing fluids from the CO2 desorber column in the ammonia plant.
  • This causes fouling of the compressor internals, hydrogen converter catalyst and further downstream, resulting in reduced capacity, higher energy consumption, vibrations, higher pressure drops and expensive downtimes.
  • Some plants perform online flushing procedures to solve these problems, risking side-effects like corrosion and vibrations.
  • RotaSep® makes it possible to have the best of both worlds, combining optimal impurity protection thanks to an exceptionally clean compressor, gas turbines and membranes input with uninterrupted, maintenance-free operation, as no annual filter replacement is necessary. With a significantly smaller footprint, RotaSep® fits any new or existing plant.


Fengxi ABC

Energy Transition – Hydrogen

RotaSep® and RotaScrub® are able to improve and de-bottleneck critical processes in the energy transition through the removal of liquid carry-over and impurities.  Enabling the production, distribution and application of Green Hydrogen.

1. Hydrogen production process – Hydrogen capture and impurities removal

RotaSep® is a reliable and robust choice for liquidgas separation applications for process gas purification, removing impurities in the process gas, during the hydrogen generation process.

A RotaSep® pre-separator can be installed before the Hydrogen generation process. Removing containments that can poison catalysts, reduce the Hydrogen production yield, and damage sensitive equipment.

A RotaSep® post-separator after the Hydrogen generation process, can increase the Hydrogen production yield and remove by-products.

2. Hydrogen pipeline - impurities separator

RotaSep® is an optimal solution in Hydrogen distribution, either in Hydrogen pipelines or in "Hydrogen-on-tap" applications, the RotaSep® can remove impurities that might be present in the distribution network, causing poor quality Hydrogen or high maintenance costs.

A RotaSep® Hydrogen pipeline impurities separator can be installed in the network. Due to it’s compactness, it can be easily installed and applied in areas where space is limited.

The high separation efficiency and robustness of the RotaSep®also enables impurities (such as hydrocarbons or black powder) to be removed from the pipeline, reducing the cost of maintenance.

3. Hydrogen batteries – condensates separator

RotaSep® effectively tackles the challenges of using Hydrogen batteries (on boats, trucks). During the regeneration of Hydrogen in Hydrogen batteries, condensates might be carried over into regenerated Hydrogen gas

The RotaSep® due to its size, high separation efficiency and low weight, was the go-to solution for removing condensates in the Hydrogen battery regeneration process. Our solution compactly separated the condensates and kept the total system compact and lightweight.

With no need of replacement filters, it allowed the total system to be low maintenance.

Energy Transition - CO2 Capture / Liquefaction

For Carbon Capture processes, SDS Separation has the solutions for CO2 absorption by RotaScrub® and CO2 liquefaction by RotaSep®. Our solutions improve your operational efficiency and energy consumption.

1. CO2 Capture to preserve the environment

  • The RotaScrub® is the most efficient CO2 absorber for emission reduction.
  • It provides a significant upgrade like size, weight and scrubbing efficiency from traditional huge amine scrubbing towers.
  • Our CO2 RotaScrub® skid achieves superior scrubbing efficiency by:
    • Reducing the required Amine flow by 30%
    • 30% lower operational costs by lower energy, maintenance and down-time cost
  • RotaScrub® is suitable to apply all Amines CO2 absorbents

2. CO2 Purification & Liquefaction

  • The RotaSep® is a low-temperature separator performing high yield recovery of liquefied and purified CO2
  • The very compact RotaSep® separation skid separates purified liquid CO2 as for instance in Biogas purification and after CO2 capture processes.
  • The RotaSep® skid performs a very high separation yield (>99.5%) of liquefied CO2 at the lowest energy cost and most compact installation.
  • Which allows for easy integration in existing plants or fit well container-sized installations.

RotaSep® in your new project or existing plant?

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